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The A.I. Business Growth Solution for Small Business Owners, Who'd Rather Be

Making An Impact
Building a Legacy
Leveraging Their Time
Working In Their Zone of Genius
Making More Money
Leveraging Energy
Making a Real Impact

Founder's Work Has Been Featured In

We get it.
Sometimes Running a Business
Can Be Brutal.

You’re on your A-game, but at the same time, you’re constantly navigating business landmines, doing everything you can to stay on top.

Then there's the ongoing juggling act—working IN your business while giving the market what it wants. And let's not forget the constant hustle to keep your business relevant in a world that just won't sit still. Without the right systems and strategic insights, you risk watching your business slide or even crash.

You risk losing that unique spark that makes you, well, you. Those high-value clients? They might just pass you by if you don't have the right infrastructure to support your growth. And before you know it, you're drowning in stress and burnout.

But hey, we're here to throw you a lifeline.

The Business Growth Solution that
Makes Business Easier

In a world saturated with fleeting tactics and temporary solutions, stands apart.

Exclusively designed for small business owners, our program encapsulates a promise: to leverage best-in-class A.I. strategies and systems that drive more sales/profitability for our clients.

No more chaos, just seamless execution. We're here to elevate your business, aligning your aspirations with real, tangible results.

Why We Do
What We Do

We've seen countless small business owners with immense potential who are tenacious go-getters sometimes get stuck with what seems like nowhere to go.

We exist to be the bridge over those plateaus. At, we believe in the power of innovative A.I. strategies to help drive business growth.

Because when small business owners thrive without chaos, they elevate not only their businesses but also enrich their own lives and positively impact those around them.

If you're wondering whether the
MoreLeverage Program
is right for you,
This is for:

Driven Service Providers:

Are you a service provider with a vision, someone who's keen on making a mark? If you aim to stand tall among peers and outshine the competition, we've got the comprehensive solution for you.

Ambitious Businesses:

Do you dream of locking in those big-ticket clients? Our solution caters to businesses with an appetite for attracting the most premium prospects.

Innovation Aficionados:

For those who understand the value of top-tier tools and are ready to harness their power, we're here to serve you. We've curated some of the best out there to ensure you get the edge.

Strategic Action-Takers:

If you're the type who believes in maximizing returns from every resource, be it time, money, or energy, then you'll find our comprehensive solution aligns perfectly with your ethos.

Who Might
Want to Look

Of course, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our program might not be the right fit if:

Quick Fixes Are Your Thing:

If you're on the hunt for temporary solutions or quick fixes, our program most likely will not align with your goals.

Stagnation Over Growth:

For businesses content with their current state and not really looking to scale or evolve, our solution might offer way more than you actually need.

Not Eyeing Premium Clients:

If high-value clients aren't on your radar, our strategies may feel a tad overwhelming.

Growth Isn't a Priority:

If plotting a course for future growth isn't on your agenda, then our emphasis on strategic planning and scaling might not resonate with your business model.

Entrepreneur Created,

Tested & Approved.

Patty Dominguez, founder of, is a best-selling author, advisor, and contributing marketing expert.

Her work has been featured on Smart Business, Investor’s Business Daily, NY Daily News, and American Express Open Forum to name a few. She previously worked at Fortune 50 companies and in management consulting. Her last position was in Fortune 50 as head of Global Agency Strategy managing just over a billion dollars in marketing spend over her career in corporate.

She now helps service-based entrepreneurs take the chaos out of growing a business so they can focus on what really matters: more time, more energy, and more money.

Don't let me convince you, check out some of these
client stories
for yourself:

"... she gets in my head of what I want to do for my business and helps to make it happen...I cannot recommend her enough!"

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, America's Most Requested Celebrity Psychologist

"Patty thank you for making my dreams come always have the strategy to help get me there.."

Sonia Rodriguez, Master Coach & Sales Expert

"So many different ideas came forth. I was stuck trying to do everything alone.

I highly endorse her!"

Dr. Christine Kaczmar, The Digestion Doc, Founder of Smart Digestion

"I have been working with Patty... Its been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business...."

Georgie Beames, Leading Weight Loss Surgery Psychologist

"Everything changed everything truly changed!... highly recommend working with Patty Dominguez"

Brianne Ligori, CEO at Leader Coach Intensive

"Working with Patty is working with the best. I've worked with a lot of different people before and Patty really comes out on top."

Lisa Carpenter, Master Coach Author | Speaker

Some Questions
You May Be Pondering:

How's different from the rest of the solutions out there?

We offer bespoke "done for you" A.I. infrastructure built to be a reflection of your brand.

Our business growth solution includes a hybrid of consulting + "done for you" deliverables. Our solution is rooted in robust business strategy and best in class technological innovation to help you capture, engage, nurture and convert those prospects into paying clients.

I've tried a bunch of systems. How do I know this'll work?

We've designed our program with our clients in mind.

This isn’t just a course where you watch a bunch of videos and you figure it out on your own.

We start the engagement with a robust onboarding process to capture your personal goals and objectives.

We jointly create a strategy to implement the AI Assistants that will best support your business to scale.

Is it tricky to get the hang of this whole A.I. thing? I don't want to be left with a complicated system.

Our implementation includes testing, tweaking and training.

We also include support as we transition our completed solution. Typical “go live” happens within weeks. If you ever get stuck, we've got your back.

Can I mix with the tools I already have?

You bet! We will look at what you have already and offer feedback on best course of action.

We're all about making things easy and seamless for you.

What if I need something more customized?

Let's chat!

We are always open to exploring how we can potentially provide a solution that is a good fit.

Book a complimentary strategy call.

Your Business Solution for
Seamless Execution & Growth

Every service based small business owner should feel confident knowing they can tackle business challenges without the need to sacrifice more hours or immense resources.

With our Follow Up Flywheel, you will.

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